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Video Girl
A really cool oc I made a while back who's obsessed with taking pictures of herself, Shopping online for cute things.

☆ Awesome lingerie from Creepyyeha ☆ non-gif version ☆ 

Was she the girl that’s from the video?
Was she the girl that’s from the video?
Was she the girl that’s from the video?
You lie, you lie, you lie
Ruben by ChiiTsun
Freddy Fazzbutt Emoticon thing   Howdy

:iconascendant-astraea: :iconascendant-astraea: :iconascendant-astraea: 

♦Name: Ruben ♦Pseudonyms: Ru
♦Gender: male
♦Age: 19 ♦Birthday: Jan 22
♦Height: 5’11”ft  ♦Weight: 54.4Lbs

♦Occupation: package delivery boy.
♦Residence: Astraea

♦Species: Altaria #334 ♦Type: Flying/Dragon  ♦Ability: Cloud Nine
♦Moveset: ●mist ●Fury Attack ●Refresh ●Dragon Pulse

♦Nature: Hasty ♦Characteristic: Quick to flee


◌Cooperative ◌Loyal ◌enthusiastic ◌Adaptable ◌observer

With Ruben's similar routine everyday, he's kept a keen eye if anything were to go wrong for him or anyone around him. Whether it's making sure his mail is sent to the right buyer or keeping his younger siblings from falling or hurting themselves, he keeps a kind atmosphere around!

●indecisive ●dependent ●oblivious ● cowardly ● crybaby

 Given his need to keep things in order, Ruben would have a harder time when things go much differently. Sometimes relying too much on his older sister or coworkers if an order was misplaced. 


Ruben comes from a long line of liberated Gijinka and was born into a large family. Being the second child, he's a bit more timid than his older siblings and can easily be tagged along into the rest of his family's flow. Recently his parents have been struggling to support him and his siblings and they've been trying to get a job where they could. He's sort of settled into the life style of being a delivery boy and at least he supports himself! Even if he can get flustered fairly easily, sometimes prone to crocodile tears and running away from his troubles. But he's trying! At the very least for his family.

♦Orientation: Bisexual
♦Relationship Status: Single


character 1 ] - 
character 2 ] - 
character 3 ] - 


  • Besides Ruben, he has 1 brother and 3 sisters. One sister is older than him.
  • Voice headcanon i have for him would be the youtuber ashestoashesjc
  • Song he'd listen to would be similar to the soundtrack of Steven universe, HACHI, The GLitch Mob, and Rib
  • He like fruity drinks but, not much of a sweet tooth for other stuff
  • When startled his hair can puff up similar to a bird's feathers
  • His Talons are mostly for defensive purposes, finding less and less time to use them.

♦Method: Skype mostly, Lit. 
♦Secondary method: DA Chat and script
♦Starter?: I prefer not to start.
♦Boundaries: I'm generally lenient with anything, just advising me of it before starting anything?
♦Language: English.
Ali by ChiiTsun
Ali the plant girl! Originally a venus fly trap but stuck to her growing carnations in her hair. She's a petite model

Hello!! I need money at the moment, selling sketchbooks, but also opening 5 slots for commissions



20 USD per charater



15 USD per character

Email to:

**Be expected to be rejected depending on what you ask for


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States


|| ♀ || 17 || ♋ || NYC
Hello! You can call me chii.
I'm an emotional dork from NYC, drawing all year round. Nice to meet you!

☆ I appreciate every comment! ☆

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